Are you doing all the work?

Scenario 1:

You're standing in front of the class. The training you're giving is going is your favorite subject and you can easily talk about this for hours on end.

After the course your students fill in a survey about how well they like your course and the reactions aren't that great. What's going on?

Scenario 2:

You are coaching a junior employee. You point out where he could improve in and what easy steps he can take to become better at it. Yet, after several sessions nothing seems to change. What's going on?

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Package generation with SSIS - an overview

Although you can hardly ignore BIML (with bloggers like Cathrine Wilhelmsen and Bill Fellows sharing good stuff), there are still other options for package generation in SSIS. While enjoying a small conversation on LinkedIn about the automation options, I suddenly remembered still having a slidedeck from a presentation I gave early 2014.

Please note that these are my early views on Biml, dating from end-2013. Please do not base any decisions on this: things are outdated (BimlExpress now provides free syntax highlighting for BimlScript inside Visual Studio; BimlT files can alter existing packages) and technology descriptions may not be 100% accurate (nothing confirmed by Varigence)

The presentation was about SSIS 2012, so not everything will work the same way in SSIS 2014+. For example: from what I've heard, EzAPI doesn't have support for SQL Server 2014+. I'm planning to write an update shortly, but meanwhile this might prove useful for gathering a high-level overview.

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Visual Studio Eror Messages

Yes, that typo was intended.

Remember when I said this?

[Using Google to find a solution to] Error messages? Be sure to include the exact message - "in quotes"

Recently I encountered a occasion where this helped especially well. A colleague emailed me with the question why his VS2010 install didn't load his SSRS Preview correctly. The 'Run' functionality worked, but the 'preview' didn't. The error message was this:

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SSRS client side printing

Yesterday I was working with a client who virtualized all desktops using Citrix.

Whenever you want to use the print function of an SSRS report, you are required to install an ActiveX plugin. However, end users are not allowed to install new software on a virtualized desktop, and Microsoft doesn't provide a direct link to a generic installer that could be rolled out over all virtualized desktops.

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