Looking for intern / grad student: Continuous Integration for BI

As you might've noticed, I'm keeping an eye on Continuous Integration for Business Intelligence. Currently, I'm looking for a grad student to help me implement CI inside BI in his/her internship. As we're located in Holland, speaking Dutch is a prerequisite - but as a bonus, you'll be able to share your findings in English on msbiblog.com. The rest of this post will be in Dutch.

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A drive with Cortana

Sometimes innovations take you by suprise.

I just started using a Windows Phone and I was at my parents, checking out the maps app. I was always a big fan of the Google Maps app on Android and how well it predicts traffic jams, so I was curious to see how Bing would handle this. It all looked alright: I typed in my work address and it all looked familiar, so I closed it, it was late and I surely wasn't going to go back to the office.

Later that night I got into my car and drove home. I wasn't even into the next street as I got a call, incoming on my car: "You have to turn left........" a voice said. Then he hung up!

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