Back in the blogging sphere

As a result of a more-or-less recent switch of employers, I lost my blogging platform. Although it's a pity that my current employer doesn't have a blog showroom, it also gives a good opportunity to start one myself. So here I am, back in the blogging sphere :).

I have several things in mind to blog about, but one of the main reasons to re-start blogging now is the gauntlet thrown by Andy Leonard in his excellent posts 700 and 701. So I will especially keep an eye on solutions to problems in the everyday life of a BI consultant & trainer.

Thanks, Andy!

Founder of this blog. Business Intelligence consultant, developer, coach, trainer and speaker at events. Currently working at Dura Vermeer. Loves to explain things, providing insight in complex issues. Watches the ongoing development of the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack closely. Keeping an eye on Big Data, Data Science and IoT.

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