Are you doing all the work?

Scenario 1:

You're standing in front of the class. The training you're giving is going is your favorite subject and you can easily talk about this for hours on end.

After the course your students fill in a survey about how well they like your course and the reactions aren't that great. What's going on?

Scenario 2:

You are coaching a junior employee. You point out where he could improve in and what easy steps he can take to become better at it. Yet, after several sessions nothing seems to change. What's going on?

You may be doing all the work yourself.

One of the things I have learned as a coach and teacher is that you are not going to be very effective as either unless you can put the responsibility for the learning by the person doing the learning.
So if you are doing all the talking and the one who is supposed to be learning is just listening....nothing is happening. If it is more your process than their process, it is time to turn it around.

As a teacher:
1. ask more questions to the group
2. make it interactive
3. make sure everyone is aware what they want to get out of the course

As a coach:
1. Make sure they have a clear coaching question: what do they want to change?
2. Let them come up with solutions, insights. Don't fall in the trap of giving advice. Ask the right question instead.

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