Unable to establish server mode?

"Unable to establish server mode".


I admit I was a bit puzzled when this message showed up. I tried to connect to Analysis Services and this message came up. "Why would it be unable to detect the mode of the server? The Server is just fine and so is the mode in which it is running!".

And yes, so it was: the SQL configuration manager showed both services (Tabular and Multidimensional) up and running. Even more odd: I could connect to all cubes in Excel too. Alas, SQL managent studio wouldn't connect to either of them. So the problem must be in the tool.

Turns out: the connection was configured to connect to a specific database on the server. If that database isn't on the server (say for instance, you connect to the other SSAS instance which ofcourse has different databases) then the connection will fail.

Wouldn't it be better to make the error message like this: "Unable to connect to your preferred specified default database on this instance"?

Saves a lot of time!

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