A drive with Cortana

Sometimes innovations take you by suprise.

I just started using a Windows Phone and I was at my parents, checking out the maps app. I was always a big fan of the Google Maps app on Android and how well it predicts traffic jams, so I was curious to see how Bing would handle this. It all looked alright: I typed in my work address and it all looked familiar, so I closed it, it was late and I surely wasn't going to go back to the office.

Later that night I got into my car and drove home. I wasn't even into the next street as I got a call, incoming on my car: "You have to turn left........" a voice said. Then he hung up!

Imagine my suprise, I didn't even have to accept the incoming call. Next street again: an incoming call telling me:

turn around

This time I caught a glimpse of the caller: Cortana!

Now I realized I had probably not closed the Bing app and since my Phone is linked to my car via Bluetooth, it was using Cortana to tell me how to drive. But it felt so weird as it just looked like some guy got hired to call me every step of the way 🙂 Cortana hung up before I could even say anything back though.

Personal intelligence

This experience reminded me of some of my thoughts when I started out in the Business Intelligence field in 2010. Back then I always wondered what can data do for individuals instead of businesses?

BI is all about making decisions based on the right data. But the B stands for Business, not People.
Since we are all generating vast amounts of data, could the same principle apply to us as well? Fast forward six years to now and it looks like this is happening more and more. Cool products such as fitness and health meters like Jawbone up, Microsoft Band and others collect our data and can tell us things about our health.

I wonder how far can this be pushed? Do we end up with an interface not unlike the computer in Dexter's Lab? One that you can ask anything?

The future is here already 🙂

Principal BI consultant at Rubicon

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