Sharing your Power BI reports

If you are using Power BI, you may want to consider how you are going to share your reports and dashboards. Should you share your dashboards? Should you use groups or content packs?

There are several ways to do this.


  1. Share your Dashboards: open your dashboard and click on the "Share" Icon. Your recipients can open the underlying reports but they cannot edit your report or create new reports. This is great for situations where you just want your users to see data, but not make reports on their own.
  2. Create a content pack. This way, you can share a bundle of reports, dashboards and data sets. The recipients cannot alter the reports they recieve. But they can make a copy of it for themselves and edit that one. Also they can create new reports on the same dataset. This is a great way to bring out a bundle of formal reports which will always stay they same, yet still allow personal versions of the report.
  3. Create a group: if you create a group, all participants of that group can alter the reports and co-create contentpacks. This is great if the people all work together on content and have the same rights.
  4. Publish to web. Ok this is not really sharing, this is straight out publishing and should be done ever so carefully!

You can mix it together too: at this moment I have a Power BI group where several users can edit the reports. Together they publish the content pack to the rest of the organization that consumes the reports.

How do you use Power BI?


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