Trim the fat (put your data warehouse on a diet)

The idea of organizational Business Intelligence was to create "One version of the truth, One Ring version to rule them all" errrr, well that was the idea. Away with all those Excels and bring on the conformed BI reports right? Of course it is a great idea to make sure you have a data warehouse where your data is guaranteed "right". For example, if you want to know how much profit you made last year, you don't want to have multiple interpretations!

How should we then view the rise of Power BI and self service BI? Hello different versions from the truth?

The real question is: how many reports need to be exactly unique across the whole enterprise? How much integration do you need? In the past, organizations tried to fit everything in a big Enterprise Datawarehouse. Just saying EDWH makes managers shiver, remembering huge costs and little payback. Or, big BI competence centers that are handling a huge backlog, because everything has to come from the EDWH. Lots of waiting time and saying "no" because there is too much work.

Sure it helps to have master data available across the business, and data quality is not a bad idea either. But you don't have to push ALL the data into the data warehouse. I think there is more data where you can give the data analist freedom to decide how he wants to see the data than we used to think.

Instead of this situation, where the blue is the managed BI or enterprise datawarehouse and purple is the self service BI layer:


We could "trim the fat" of the data warehouse and give users more freedom to go to this situation (taken from Motion10's data platform model):


The most important element here is to make sure you have a good data catalog, where users can easily find datasets they want to use for their analysis. It will be interesting to see how Azure Data Catalog can play a role in this. At the moment I often use the datasets in Power BI in combination with content packs as a catalog. All datasets have clear understandable names. That is as good a catalog as any other. If the report is complicated in any way, the first page contains a short self explaining description.



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