Power BI Embedded: Step 1 - Configuring Azure

Using Power BI Embedded you can integrate your report in a website or web-application. To do so there are three parts you need to do:

  • Configure your Azure environment
  • Add a Power BI workspace to this environment and upload a report
  • Implement the code to generate a token and embed your report

In this post we will zoom in on the first part: setting up your Azure environment.

Starting July '17 Power BI Embedded will be part of the new Power BI Premium service. The current setup explained in this post will be supported for a limited amount of time. If the way of working changes, this post will be updated.

Setting up Azure to use Power BI Embedded is fairly simple. We need to create a resource group and add a resource named Power BI Workspace Collection. We will need this Power BI Workspace Collection to authenticate API requests, for example requests from users to view the report. This authentication is done by a token, which we can generate using the Power BI Workspace Collection Access Key.

Start by logging in on Azure
Go to portal.azure.com and login with your credentials. If you haven’t got an Azure account, start with setting one up.

Create a resource group
If we want to create our Power BI Workspace Collection resource, we first need a resource group to place this resource in. To learn more about resources and resource groups, see the documentation about the Azure Resource Manager. To create a resource group in Azure:

  1. Go to Resource Groups
  2. Click on Add (+)
  3. Pick a name
  4. Select your Azure subscription
  5. Choose the region you want to locate this resource in

After clicking OK we now have our own resource group.

Add Power BI Workspace Collection to this resource group
To create a new resource:

  1. Click on the green plus (+) icon in the menu, left side of the page
  2. Go to Intelligence + Analytics
  3. Choose Power BI Embedded
  4. Pick a name for this resource
  5. Select your subscription
  6. Select the resource group we’ve just created
  7. Pick the location of this resource

We’ve now created our Power BI Workspace Collection resource. If we go back to the and select resource groups we can click on our created resource group and we will see this newly created resource. Let’s open this resource.

The Access key
The Workspace Collection generates one important piece of information: the Access Key. The access key is used to generate a token for authenticating your API requests. The Access Key is stored under Settings > Access Keys. We also need this Access Key to create a workspace in our workspace collection. To learn how to do this, check out Power BI Embedded: Create a workspace with Node.js

Lars Bouwens is Business Intelligence consultant at Motion10 and likes to read and write about Power BI and Azure.

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