I've been away for a while, the reason why will surprise you...

Aaannd that's the first clickbaity title on MSBIBlog.com. But now that I got your attention:

As you might have noticed (or maybe you didn't), my frequency of posting new articles online has dropped (I mean, it's been four MONTHS since my last post).

The main reason for my absence in the blogosphere is the birth of my second child: Ewout (a boy). He's doing great, and it's pretty awesome to see a human develop from this close once again. I mean, c'mon - what's a flawlessly scaling data processing solution compared to .. wait a sec. I just thought he smiled again. HE SMILED TO ME YES HE DID..

The second reason is the birth of another newborn. Meet BITrainer.nl:


BITrainer.nl is currently just me, and offers technical training and coaching in BI tools, Data Warehousing, etc.. As for now, the site (as well as the video) is only in Dutch, but you might be interested to take a look nonetheless.

You're welcome to share this news with everyone you know (especially if they need BI training)!

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