Data Virtualization vs. Data Warehouse Automation?

Data Virtualization vs. Data Warehouse Automation?

I've been thinking about writing three posts:

  1. An introductory post on Data Virtualization.
  2. A refresher post about Data Warehouse Automation (DWA)
  3. A third post, comparing Data Virtualization "vs." DWA.

However, everything I wanted to write in the introductory post on Data Virtualization was already on Wikipedia. Read it - highly recommended.

You might like the article on Denodo's website as well.

After you've read the article, think about the impact, also compared to the Data Warehouse Automation efforts.

Now (having set the field), I'm pretty curious for your thoughts on the following question:

Is Data Virtualization "vs." Data Warehouse Automation a false dichotomy, or do they (partially) address the same issues?

Curious for your opinions, please do share them below!

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    Jean Paul Breton

    I plan use Data Virtualization to create an Enterprise Business view of data resilent to changes in underlying systems and leveraging the existing data assets
    I am evaluating to use DWA to build Data Marts on top of this business view.

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