Power BI apps and workspaces

One of the cool features of Power BI are workspaces. They make it possible to work together on reports, share information, share reports, share datasets, etc. You can add administrators and members. Members can be read-only, or report authors. I often see that members are set to be read-only.

There is another way to have an audience view your report as read-only: apps. The workspace can be published as an app. The difference is that in a workspace you see changes right away. That means if someone alters a report to show it to another report author, the read-only member can see the changes that might be rolled back. If you use an app, you can change reports all the way you like before updating the app. This is a much better way to roll out reports. The workspace is meant for work, the app for reading.

This is a really great way to work: you only add report authors to your workspace and together you decide when you push the next release. To update an app, go to the landing page of your workspace.



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