Power BI: total value above stacked column chart

If you ever have created a stacked column chart in Power BI, you may have noticed that it is not possible to get the total data value shown as a label. What it will do, is show the total for each slice of the bar, which is nice, but you then have to add up those values.

For example:

As you can see, the data labels are shown, but what about the grand total by year?

What you can do is transform this visual to a line and stacked column chart, and drag the measure you are displaying also to the line value.

The data label for the line is displayed above the bars. Nice! But we do not actually want to see the line, as the bar themselves show how salesamount is doing by year. You can do this by going to the format options of shapes, and set the stroke width to 0:

The result is the following:

And now you have achieved, what should quite frankly be a little easier to achieve. If you like this to be included as a default option in Power BI, do not forget to vote for this idea: https://ideas.powerbi.com/forums/265200-power-bi-ideas/suggestions/10214016-display-total-value-of-a-bar-on-a-stacked-bar-char

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  1. venkat

    How about data labels setting , when i tried same data labels are not fit properly.

    • Jesse Gorter

      Hi, yes, that is what you get when doing Power BI trickery. The solution could be to add a new measure with a factor of say 1.1 more of the original measure. Make that line invisable and the data labels will fit on top of it.

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